FamiChain Eco $FME

FME token used in the FamiChain Network can be used as FamiChain Exchanges (CEX) native token. We have created a new L2 token that reduces network congestion (causes gas fees to skyrocket) and is close to the speed of Bitcoin Lightning Network. This is a project that makes it easier and more economical to transmit and interact with transactions and smart contracts on multi-chains.

FamiChain is backed by FamiChain LLC (USA) and FamiChain Limited (UK) as well as a number of other investment organizations globally.


FamiChain does not store any unencrypted data, all data is encrypted 5 times continuously before being stored on over 200 servers globally.


Experience trade, transfer and distributing assets across chains quickly for as little as 1 cent, with no latency and other swap fees.


FamiChain Core only can be accessed offline by 4 confirmations of the Key Persions. Can't be accessible by $FME's immune system.

Number speaks

We always ready
for a challenge.


Development Hours

A team of more than 39 employees constantly working to bring out the best, are you ready for the change to come?


Global Partners

Our network of partners stretches across Cross-chains, the more the network grows, the more diverse the ecosystem becomes.