FamiChain Finance Ecosystem

FamiChain is an advanced financial institution, always a pioneer in the global financial sector. We are proud to provide cross-continental financial solutions to hundreds of thousands of organizations and individuals globally. We operate under the UK Financial Conduct Authority and EU AML regime.

FamiChain is backed by FamiChain LLC (USA) and FamiChain Limited (UK) as well as a number of other investment organizations globally.


FamiChain does not store any unencrypted data, all data is encrypted 5 times continuously before being stored on over 200 CDN servers globally.


Experience trade, transfer and distributing assets across chains quickly for as little as 1 cent, with no latency and other swap fees.


FamiChain Core only can be accessed offline by 4 confirmations of the Key Persions. NO ONE can't be accessible if not enough 4 confirmations.

Talking Numbers

We always ready
for a challenge.


Development Hours

We have 22 people working tirelessly for 4 years to bring the best products to the community, enjoy the best.


Global Partners

Our network of partners stretches across Cross-chains, the more the network grows, the more diverse the ecosystem becomes.

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